.PDF Downloads of Bundled Tasks from 365 Marketing

We’re in it together:

Most independent authors, no matter the genre, have a couple of things in common: their passion for their craft and minimal time/budget for marketing their published books. The classic vision of an author clicking around on their keyboard while wearing a sweater with suede elbow patches and casually sipping tea isn’t very close to today’s authors. Many have “regular day jobs” to go to, families to spend time with, and households to keep running. Where is an author supposed to find time to market their published titles and also find time to write the next chapter of the new book? In short, where are the magical marketing fairies? 


Fairies disguised as a workbook:

Isn’t that how it goes? You are fully prepared for the fairies to come to take care of this whole marketing thing for you, and all you got was this dumb workbook. The truth is the fairies aren’t coming and you will have to put in the time. Opera singer Beverly Sills once said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Marketing your book to more readers and getting your story into the hands of more people is the place worth going. This workbook is as close to a shortcut as you are liable to get.

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